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Thanks to everyone.

Many Thanks to biutifulpics who dug back in my archive to find one of my favorite series to posts  from the deep past and to the  staff over at luxlit who recently reposted one of my shots.They were both a total surprise.

Shout out to my friends and followers who always amaze me with their talent and incredible work.

Shout out and thanks!

First off:

My thanks goes out to the good people over  @The Photographers Society  and my friend @Steve for re-posting one of my shots and writing such a nice comment today. It was really a surprise and much appreciated!!


I also want to thank @Lensblr not only for reposting my shot but more importantly, for keeping Lensblr up and running and continuing to support photographers under extremely difficult circumstances.  @Chas and the rest of the Editor team deserve a huge THANK YOU from all of us that use and post on tumblr. 


To my friends and followers, new and old, that have put up with me these last few months. It’s been a rocky path and you all have been great.


P.S. If you recently started following me and you are a photographer, please say HI! in my ASK PAGE so I can check out your page.

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